Can Instant Domain Sniper REALLY Help You Grab High Authority Domains That You Can Use to Drive Targeted Buyer Traffic AND Resell for High Margin Profits?

Is Instant Domain Sniper TRULY a Fast ‘Traffic & Income’ Generating Software?

(read on for my in-depth review & bonus strategies)


Buying brand new domains is kind of like buying land in a deserted area with nothing around it. Aged domains, on the other hand, usually have some type of ‘presence’ that you can leverage in many clever ways…

But the problem is, aged domains need to have authority in order to be useful. So its really the combination of age + authority that makes these domains worthwhile. If you’ve ever tried finding and buying these domains on your own, you know it requires research time, lots of patience and monthly subscription tools.

Instant Domain Sniper promises that it can help you find & secure these age + authority domains within minutes, cutting down the time and research dramatically. So lets take a quick tour of this software to see how it works and if it can actually increase your traffic & earnings:

Quickly Install & Start Searching

Alright this software will install quickly on your machine…

It literally took me a couple of minutes to get it up and running without technical issues at all (which is a relief these days because you never know what kind of headaches you’ll have workin through technical issues).

After firing up the software, you can start looking for domains that meet your criteria:


In the screenshot above, I’ve entered the keyword ‘blog’, because I’m searching for all domains that have the word ‘blog’ in them. Then, I’ve set my filters to find domains that meet my criteria.

These ‘filters’ are by far the most powerful feature of this software. You’ll notice that I’m looking for domains that are between a PageRank of 1-4, have an Age of 1-10 years, have between 10-1000 existing backlinks, and then I chose only a handful of domain extensions I’m interested in.

Basically, the most 3 important things you need to pay attention to are: PageRank, Domain Age and Backlinks. These 3 things will determine the strength of your domain for SEO purposes. Be careful though, just because a domain has thousands of backlinks doesn’t mean its strong…too many backlinks can indicate a heavily spammed, penalized domain. Thats why I prefer domains with 1000 or less existing backlinks.

Ok so based on the filters I had chosen above, here are the domains the software has brought back:


There’s actually a long list of domains for me to choose from, which is surprising to say the least. I didn’t expect to have these many choices given my filters. Anyways, you can sort the columns from highest to lowest, so if you want to see the highest PageRank domains first, it just takes one click.

See Authority & Linking Data

You can get deeper data on any individual domain on your list, as follows:


So now its possible to see the ‘Domain Authority‘ metric, which in my opinion is even more important than Pagerank. In the example above, this specific domain has a Domain Authority of 32, which is pretty high! You can also see some of the other domains that are linking back to this one. At first glance, it seems like this was a French site.

This data helps you make a much wiser domain buying decision…one that goes beyond just Pagerank or age. I would never buy a domain without looking at this deeper data first, to make sure its not a loser.

Pickup ‘Hidden’ Domains

Another feature of this software is being able to find domains using keyword combinations:


So basically, you can have the software add words before or after your target keyword and then check for the availability of these domains. Keep in mind that the domains you see in this tab may not have age or authority…in many cases they may not even be registered at all!

With this feature, you can pickup unregistered domains that contain your target keywords for cheap.

Instant Domain Sniper can also suggest related keywords for the domains you’ve chosen:


This helps you generate more ideas if you’re looking to register keyword optimized domains.

See Snapshot of Social Signals

These days, social signals have become all the rage. Its true, Google does ‘trust’ websites with more social signals, so if you want to buy expired domains that have some existing social activity, its easy to do so:


You can get a quick social snapshot of the domains you’re interested in buying. Keep in mind that social signals are actually pretty easy to build, so even if a domain doesn’t have social signals, it can still be valuable for SEO.

Catch Expiring Domains Automatically

If you’re on the hunt for freshly expiring domains that you can grab before anyone else does, the ‘Instant Domain Finder’ feature will really come in handy:


Many times, when a domain expires and goes into auction, it can become very expensive. So, by actively buying domains BEFORE they expire or shortly after, it can save you a bunch of money in the long run.

This software allows you to ‘catch’ expiring domains in an automated way. It integrates with 3 popular services that you can use to buy these domains for a reasonable price. This means that you don’t have to waste time manually hunting for expiring domains everyday…the software will automate the finding AND buying based on the exact criteria and schedule you specify.

Ok, so now that you’ve seen some of the main features of this software, the real question is, what are the biggest benefits of using it?

The BIGGEST benefit of Instant Domain Sniper, by far, is that it allows you to increase your Google rankings much quicker, by leveraging OTHER people’s hardwork & money.

And another huge benefit is being able to own real ‘ASSETS(domains)’ that you can resell immediately for a profit, or improve the domains by building a few more backlinks and then selling at an even higher margin.

Drawbacks of Instant Domain Sniper
(What I Don’t Like)

This isn’t a ‘cloud’ hosted software, meaning that you can only use it on the machines that you have it installed on. Personally, I like cloud apps because I can access them from any device, but it all depends on what you prefer.

The ‘backlinks’ reporting inside the software seems to be coming from MOZ, which is a good source, but Majestic and AHREFs is even better for backlink reporting. Hopefully in future updates they add multiple sources, but for the time being the backlink data you’ll see is coming from MOZ.

In my opinion, the ‘Domain Authority’ metric (DA for short), is even more important than PageRank (DA is kind of similar to Pagerank in some ways). Instant Domain Sniper does report on Domain Authority, but there’s no column for this metric where you can sort from highest to lowest. You can, however, sort Pagerank from highest to lowest which is not a bad alternative.

The ‘Instant Suggestion’ and ‘Instant Keyword’ features are only useful if you plan on registering a LOT of domains. I know for myself, I mainly see myself using this software to pickup expiring domains, not to register new ones.

You have to realize that buying these domains does not mean that you’ll definitely start making money…this isn’t a ‘silver bullet’ money-making solution. Acquiring these domains is one step in driving traffic, but you still have to complete several other steps to really make money (such as choosing the right niches, offers, keywords, etc).

Lastly, the main purpose of this software is to enhance your SEO efforts or to give you headstart in the domain selling business. When it comes to social media, list-building or display Ads, it won’t be very useful to you.

So, to help solve some of these problems and add value, I’ve created an exclusive bonus called the ‘Instant Domain Sniper Fast Cash’ Academy.

Inside this Academy, I’ll show you how to pick cash-cow niches & offers that bring in the cash quickly…and I’ll also show you how to diversify & scale your traffic to grow your business to a much higher level.

My Exclusive Instant Domain Sniper Bonus Will Help You Make More Money With This Software and Make It Faster

I’ll get a commission if you purchase through my link, so to add value, I’ve personally created the ‘Instant Domain Sniper Fast Cash’ Academy, which is a series of regular short lessons and quick tips, delivered to your email one at a time.





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Hanif ‘Your Right Hand Man’ Quentino


Remember – Here’s How to Get The Exclusive Bonuses:

Step 1: Click the Link Below to Buy Instant Domain Sniper
(make sure to clear your cookies)

>>Invest in Instant Domain Sniper (at steep discount)<<

Step 2: Enter Your Name & Email to Lock in Your Bonuses:

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Once I verify that you purchased through my link, I’ll send you access to the bonuses.


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